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Evanesco Tattoo Removal

Evanesco Tattoo Removal
Evanesco Tattoo Removal
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Binding:  Health and Beauty
Manufacturer:  Evanesco Llc
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Product Features
  • Evanesco Tattoo removal cream.
  • One step Tattoo REMOVAL. 100% Natural
  • Removes any color, on any skin type.
  • Easy to Apply only takes about 10 minutes.
  • Tested and used for over 15 years.
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Package Dimensionss
  •   Height: 150 hundredths-inches
  •   Length: 550 hundredths-inches
  •   Weight: 100 hundredths-pounds
  •   Width: 300 hundredths-inches

Product Picture
Evanesco Tattoo Removal
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Product Description
  1 box of Evanesco cream, Good to remove any color Tattoo about 4"x 4" Sq. for more information see we do this? An early version of this cream was developed over 15 years ago by leading Philippine scientists. The cream was used in Philippine medical offices (WITH AMAZING RESULTS) to remove skin tags, warts, and tattoos, but never offered for individual sale to the public. Now, after all these years, we have refined the cream and are making it available to the retail market! Evanesco Cream is made from 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients! The combination of Cashew Nut Oil Extract and Carcia Extract produces a dermatological reaction that gently removes the Dermis layer of your skin, (this is the layer where your Tattoo ink is stored). Your body will then regenerate fresh skin where you once had that ugly tattoo. Evanesco cream only needs to be applied once and will react with the dermis layer of your skin within 5 minutes. After that your skin will form a scab and the healing process will start. And Best of all. Evanesco Guarantees that if our product does not remove ANY Ink. we will refund your money.  View More Information about it  >>>